Decidueye Zoroark

December 8, 2017 Administrator 0

I’ve been playing Decidueye/Zoroark for awhile and really like having an Olivia in there. You can Brigette turn one and grab your Zoruas and Rowlets […]


Guardians Rising

December 8, 2017 Administrator 0

There will actually be a couple of updates today because keto isn’t the only thing in my world right now…last Friday- Guardians Rising came out!!! […]



December 8, 2017 Administrator 0

I’ve always known what Pokemon was- it came out when I was in high school and I always thought Pikachu was cute (he’s still one […]



December 7, 2017 Administrator 0

My world changes almost daily…the things I was into last week is probably not the things I’m into this week with the exception of a […]